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The Gulf Health Council’s expatriate program checks expatriates health fitness to ensure they are FIT to work.

• Bangladesh
• Egypt
• India
• Ethiopia
• Ghana
• Indonesia
• Jordon
• Kenya
• Lebanon
• Mali
• Morocco
• Nepal
• Nigger
• Pakistan
• Philippines
• Sri Lanka
• Sudan
• Tanzania
• Thailand
• Turkey
• Uganda

The applicant cannot choose the medical centre because it is assigned automatically based on the applicant’s city and nationality.

After the current appointment slip expires, a change of city is available, and the slip is valid for 31 days.
Following that, you can create a new slip with the specified city.

 The applicant can book an appointment from any age.

$16 – $17 per applicant for appointment

You will get the slip in PDF format via E-Mail and WhatsApp.

The Slip cannot be cancelled, however the applicant may generate another one after the existing one expires if the applicant did not attend the medical examination.

The expiry date of the report is calculated from the modified date not the examination date.

The examination date cannot be modified or edited; it is determined automatically from the date the medical exam is approved.

Within 26 days, the results of the medical examination are available.

The applicant should go to the medical centre as soon as possible, usually immediately after generating the slip.

1) In the event of a fit status, an applicant may reschedule an appointment two months after the changed date, not the examination day.

2) In the event of an unfit state, the applicant may reschedule an appointment 6 months after the modified date, not the examination date.


1. HIV positive (AIDS)
2. Hepatitis (B) Surface Antsgen Poutive
3. Hepatitis C Antibody – postive
4. Microfilaria and Malaria
5. Leprosy
6. Any abnormal chest X-ray manifestations including, but not limited to:
a. Active on past evidence of TB
b. Pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary calcification
c. Pleural effusion
d. Lymphadenopathy.



1. Renal failure
2. Liver failure or hepatic insufficency
3. Heart failure
4. Uncontrolled Hypertension
5. Uncontrolled diabetes.
6. Different types of cancer.
7. Psychiatric and neurological disorders
8. Any distortion, amputation or physical disability impeding the applicant’s performance.
9. Hemoglobin below 79/100di.

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