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GAMCA Approved Medical Examination Centers in Calicut


Although pursuing a career overseas can be a thrilling trip, there are regulations and paperwork involved. An important phase in the procedure is the GAMCA (Gulf Cooperation Council Approved Medical Centers Association) medical examination.

GAMCA Approved Medical Examination Centers in Calicut play a pivotal role in facilitating the employment process for individuals seeking opportunities in Gulf countries. These centers employ qualified medical professionals and use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct thorough health assessments. The efficient and reliable services provided by these centers contribute to the smooth processing of visa applications for Gulf employment, fostering a streamlined and systematic approach for individuals embarking on their professional journeys in the Gulf region.

Gamca Medical fee structure

Individuals need to visit or contact a GAMCA-approved medical center in their location. The cost for GAMCA Medical Registration is ₹1300/. Applicants are required to pay this amount at the time of registration. Applicants are usually required to provide necessary documents, such as passport copies, visa details, and passport-sized photographs, during the medical process. The medical examination fee for employment varies depending on the destination country. For most Gulf countries, the standard medical fee is set at ₹5000. However, it’s important to note that for individuals seeking employment specifically in Saudi Arabia, the applicable medical fee is ₹6500.

GAMCA Approved Medical Examination Centers in Calicut

AL-Sharq Diagnostic Center

Sheraton Complex. 2nd Floor Near Ganapath Boys High School, Chalappuram Calicut – 673002 INDIA

Calicut Hospital & Nursing Home

Near 2nd Rly. Gate, Court Road, Calicut – 673001, Kerala – INDIA

Koyas Hospital

Cheruvannur, P. O. Feroke Calicut – 673631, INDIA


Manapad Clinic & Diagnostic Center

Opp: Govt. Arts & Science College Meenchanda, Calicut – 673018, India.


 Western Hospital & Nursing Home

Mavoor (Indira Gandhi Road) Near KSRTC Bus Stand Calicut 673001 INDIA


Customer-friendly GAMCA centers typically offer a streamlined and efficient appointment scheduling system. These centers prioritize clear communication with applicants. The staffs at customer-friendly GAMCA centers are usually trained to be prompt, courteous, and helpful. These centers prioritize creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for individuals undergoing medical examinations. Clean and well-maintained facilities contribute to a positive experience for applicants. These centers prioritize clear communication with applicants. They may have dedicated helplines, email support, or online chat services to address inquiries. Contact Gamca Wafid for more details

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