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GAMCA Medical Fit and Unfit Reports: What You Need to Know

GAMCA Medical Fit and Unfit

When it comes to pursuing job opportunities or family visas in GCC countries, obtaining a medical fitness certificate from GAMCA is a crucial step. It is essential to understand the significance of a GAMCA fit report and the implications of an unsuitable report. In this blog, we will delve into the details of GAMCA fit and unfit reports and the associated timeframes to help you navigate the process effectively.

GAMCA Fit Report: Valid for 60 Days

Upon successfully passing all the medical tests and meeting the health requirements set by GAMCA and the respective GCC countries, you will receive a GAMCA fit report. This report is an official certification that states you are medically fit to work or travel on a family visa to the GCC country of your choice.

An important note of the GAMCA fit report

It’s important to note that a GAMCA fit report is typically valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. Within this timeframe, you must complete the necessary procedures, including getting your passport stamped and fulfilling other visa requirements. Failure to do so within the validity period may result in the report expiring, necessitating a reapplication for the medical examination.

Unsuitable Report: Timeframe and Restrictions

In some cases, during the GAMCA medical examination, health issues or conditions may be detected that do not meet the health standards set by the GCC countries. When you receive an unsuitable report, it means you have not met the medical requirements necessary for working or obtaining a family or resident visa in the GCC country you applied for.

Moreover If you receive an unsuitable report, certain restrictions and timeframes come into play:

Test Retake Prohibition:
After receiving an unsuitable report, you are generally prohibited from retaking the medical examination for family, work, or resident visas for a specific period. On the other hand the duration of this prohibition period typically ranges from three to six months depending on the policies and regulations of the respective GCC country.

Addressing Health Issues:
Receiving an unsuitable report doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot overcome the situation. It is crucial to consult with medical professionals to understand the specific health issues identified during the examination. By addressing and managing these health conditions, you can work towards improving your medical status for future reapplication.

Reapplication and Future Opportunities:
Once the prohibition period is over, you have the opportunity to reapply for the GAMCA medical examination. It is important to ensure that you have successfully addressed any health concerns. Moreover it is important to have the necessary documentation to support your improved medical status. Reapplying with updated medical records can increase your chances of receiving a fit report in the subsequent examination.


Understanding the timeframes and implications associated with GAMCA Medical Fit and Unfit reports is crucial. A GAMCA fit report is valid for 60 days. Further it providing a window of opportunity to complete the necessary procedures for visa processing. On the other hand, an unsuitable report carries certain restrictions, including a prohibition period for retaking the medical examination.

76 thoughts on “GAMCA Medical Fit and Unfit Reports: What You Need to Know”

      1. 6 months or 3 months?
        someone told me that you can give again gamca test after 3 months from the date of first test if got unfit.


  2. Hello…. I have gone through my Gamca Medical test and the result is unfit, so I went to consult doctor and he prescribed that i am fit with certificate.. Please help or suggest what can I do. Thanks

  3. HI , SIR MY TEST REPORT WAS alt 120 and bilirubin 4
    now after some medication my alt is 40 and bilirubin is 2.2 , can now i go for medical test and it can pass or not

  4. Hello,
    I done my medical on 15 May 2023. its already gone 6 month and still showing unfit on wafid website. What shall i do?
    Plz help

  5. What is the latest guidelines for medical validation???
    My agent told me that according to latest guidelines, fit gamca certificate for saudi is only valid for 60 days.

    Is it true, please help.

  6. I have done my medical but the clinic is not giving me any update on my results.
    They just keep asking me to come the week after. I completed mine on 25/11/2023.
    They even said that they have given it to their head office to verify whether unfit or pending.
    Are they playing with me? I checked the Wadif medical status and only my examination center details are mentioned. Nothing about my status

  7. Aslam o Alaikum Sir I had done the male medical report on 19/10/2023, in which the medical people took out the complaint of hapatitis C , but there is no complaint of hapatitis C in my PCR.
    Plz help me

  8. I have a sugar complaint. What should be the sugar range in GAMCA test? Recently I checked it was 134 in fasting and 164 after breakfast. Is it okay or is it threat to get working visa for Saudi Arabia?

  9. I have gone through gamca Medical , every thing I fine in reports except sugar level is little bit hight, is this could be the reason for makin report unfit??

  10. Hello, I want to apply for gamca medical… But I want to know that will they give me fitness, bcoz I had my asd closure in 6th std. But I don’t have any scars on my body…… Previously one diagnostic centre didn’t gave me fitness now again I want to apply ??

  11. hello ,what is the latest expiry date of unfit report ? my agent said now 2 month ? is it right and how can i check the expiry date of my report

  12. Dear Admin,
    My friend’s medical expired in last month and still the visa process not finish by company.
    Now there is any extension for Medical or he have to do again, like paying same amount and examine his self.
    Please update.

  13. The Medical center gave vaccination against Hepatitis B,
    And than did the blood test, and it came positive.

    Isnt the vaccine responsible for the positive result.

  14. Hi ,
    I am going to apply work visa for Oman. I need to take medical test. i am having migraine problem and hearing issue. will this affect the medical result

  15. after six months also it showing online unfit what to do ..give me some suggestion please.. its very helpful to me
    i am done from hyderabad.. now its going 7th month but result showing online till date so in this case where i can go ? any contact or any complain .please explain.

  16. Chandra Madavan Jeyaraman

    I have taken Medical test at indonesia for Oman Visa .Result is unfit but in the report they mentioned nationality as Indonesian instead of Indian…

    My result is unfit due to sugar level high.

    Can I retake the test in india

    My passport no: Z4844851

  17. Dear sir,
    I did my GAMCA in 28 December 2023 and got unfit report uploaded in the system could you please confirm after how long I am eligible for re medical.

  18. Hi ,
    I have booked GAMCA medical for Oman but I didn’t do the medical. Meantime I want to book medical for UAE. My first medical slip still valid. Weather I should wait until complete the validity or can I book another medical ?

    Note: I not yet complete the medical. Only booked online slip.

  19. My unfit status is still not removed from website, can i do medical again?
    six-month laps from 1st medical.

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